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Photo Contest: Final Round

Apr 01, 2018 167 comments
Photo Contest: Final Round




Over the past month, these 4 girls have risen to the top of our photo contest by tallying the most votes from fans and followers.  Now they are competing in a 2 day head-to-head

The winner will be selected on Tuesday, April 3rd at 4:20pm CST, and will earn a $250 donation toward the nonprofit organization of their choosing, a huge email blast feature to 7,000+ fans, and of course, ultimate bragging rights.


Comment the complete @InstagramHandle of the girl you are voting for below on this page! (Make sure to spell it correctly!)

You can vote up to 5 times per person! (Votes after 5 will not be counted)


TONS OF SPECIALS happening now until April 20! 

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Finalist #1:  @Pretty_Pothead

ABOUT: Cannabis enthusiast and ganjaprenuer paving my way into the Cannabis industry one joint at a time! I’m a driven independent young female, who wants to show other young women they too can make a difference in the Cannabis community in a positive way!   NONPROFIT:  If I win, I would love to give my money to the American foundation for suicide prevention. My grandfather committed suicide 6 years ago because of depression. I also have struggled from depression in my life and I would love to give to those families who has also lost someone to suicide.


Finalist #2:  @CannabisQueenz13

ABOUT:  The Cannabis Queenz are female entrepreneurs eager to support this blooming industry. We are growers, extractors, shop owners, advisors, inventors, photographers, patients and lovers of all things GREEN. Follow our journey as we strive to break all stigma associated with marijuana. Slacking stoners are a story of the past... jah bless and stay irie!!

One of our most inspiring Cannabis Queenz is Sarai.... @saraiknowledge !!! Founder of and Co Creator of the Kush Kakery aka @kushcakepops 

Sarai is an Epilepsy Warrior and spends her days healing, educating and fighting her own disease. Throughout her life she has suffered violent debilitating seizures so we dedicate our entry to our very own Queen. Together we stand to bring awareness and fight for those who deserve a cure.

NONPROFIT: Our Charity Donation would go to the EPILEPSY FOUNDATION of AMERICA@epilepsyfdn



Finalist #3:  @nikki.narvaez





ABOUT: I am a humanitarian, an artist, & a lover of all things. I love to dance, travel & study people everywhere I go. I am mostly vegan & what I like to call a ganja-prenur as I consume cannabis heavily for anxiety and to just relax. I believe in living wildly & loving unconditionally.

Life is a journey in which we can be good to others by adding positivity to this world.

NONPROFIT: I have this obsession with trash lol! I hate litter and unrecycled garbage & am known to always leave things better than how I found them. We all know plastic is ruining not only our land but also our oceans. I plan to donate this money through “The Ocean Cleanup” who’s promise is to eliminate plastics in our oceans.




Finalist #4:  @QueenBee.66

ABOUT:  I want women to be so confident in their own skin that they feel strong enough to do what they want and overcome any obstacle they face. I want my words and photos to be a highlight in their day. Being an influencer requires love and dedication, empathy and confidence. My followers have helped me grow as a person and I am thankful for that.

NONPROFIT: If I win the money it must go to domestic violence victims . I know what it’s like to be in that situation and have always stood behind helping those in that situation. It is important for those people to feel safe and they deserve help to get out of those circumstances.




TO VOTE: Comment the complete @InstagramHandle of the girl you are voting for below. Make sure to spell it correctly!

You can vote up to 5 times per person! (Votes after 5 will not be counted)

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    Queenz always searching for a cause 💚

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    fighting for those who suffer for those who cant …. Queenz have my votes

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