The Phantom

The Phantom

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Great choice, you beautiful soul. The Phantom is our best selling piece that over 3,000 happy mermaids are happily using from coast to coast! It's an authentic, ocean-grown white tibia sea shell hand crafted into a fully functional tobacco smoking pipe. And you will love it.

Now that you have picked your pipe, it's time to pick your package!

The Starter Kit [$29.00]  
- The Phantom shell pipe
- OceanTokes Piece Pouch
- Recycled Paper Mache Carrying Box
- Signature vial of authentic San Diego beach sand

The Mermaid Package [$39.00]
Everything in The Starter Kit plus:
- Organic wick on a seashell slice
- Poker
- Extra Screens
- Lighter

- Cigarette Rolling Papers

The Top Shelf Treasure Box [$49.00]
Everything in Mermaid Package plus:
- The Treasure Chest
- Additional mystery shell Chillum
- Latching Clamshell
- Wick-wrapped Soapstone Smoking Buddy
- Aromatic Incense
- Pre rolled cone
- Waterproof pre rolled container


***NOTICE*** OceanTokes products are for smoking tobacco only.  

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