The Barnacle

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The Barnacle

The Barnacle is the most durable pipe we offer! This palm sized shell has a naturally rough texture and lots of interesting knobs. It also has the most recognizable "bowl" shape of all OceanTokes shells. Perfect for taking hiking!

Take it to the beach for a nice walk or pack it up in the signature OceanTokes piece pouch and catch some waves. The Barnacle is durable, long-lasting and a perfect companion for all of life's adventures.

You've chosen the Barnacle - Now it's time to pick your package!

The Barnacle Starter Kit [$19.00]
- The Barnacle shell pipe
- OceanTokes Piece Pouch

- Signature vial of authentic San Diego beach sand

The Mini Treasure Box [$29.00]
You get everything in Starter Kit Plus:
- The Mini Treasure Chest
- Clamshell
- Organic Beeswax Wick wrapped around a Sea Shell Slice

- Lighter

All shells are 100% Natural and will vary in Shape, Size and Color. Making each one a truly unique, one of a kind shell pipe.

***NOTICE*** OceanTokes products are intended for smoking tobacco only.

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