The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef

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The Coral Reef

This beautiful piece of Fibonacci wonder is 100% Authentic Tibia Curta sea shell. Born on the sea floor, the delicious inner mollusk was consumed by locals of southern Asia and it's discarded exoskeleton was sent to the US to be sustainably re-purposed and recycled. It is now a truly unique smoking pipe that I guarantee you will love - or your money back.
You've chosen the Coral Reef - Now it's time to pick your package!

The Starter Kit [$19.00]
- The Coral Reef Shell Pipe
- OceanTokes Carry Pouch
- Signature Vial of Authentic San Diego Beach Sand

The Mermaid Package [$29.00]
- Everything in The Starter Kit plus:
- Organic Beeswax Wick on a Seashell Slice
- Poker
- Extra Pipe Screens
- Lighter
- Cigarette Rolling Papers

The Top Shelf Treasure Box [$49.00]
- Everything in Mermaid Package plus:
- The Treasure Chest stash box
- Additional Mystery Shell Chillum
- Clamshell
- Wick-Wrapped Soapstone Buddy
- Aromatic Incense

About The Shell:
Tibia Shells belong the family Strombidae. They are considered one of the true conch shells. Tibia's are spindle shaped with a long siphonal canal. These are a color group and some species are highly prized by collectors. Most live in off shore waters where there is plenty of sand.
General Size Range is between 3" - 5"

All shells are 100% Natural and will vary in Shape, Size and Color. Making each one a truly unique, one of a kind shell pipe.

***NOTICE*** OceanTokes products are for smoking tobacco only.

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