The Ocean Beach

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The Ocean Beach
Named after Ocean Beach, San Diego, where OceanTokes was born, the OB is an authentic sea shell hand crafted into a beautiful, fully functional smoking pipe chillum, and is the perfect size for the nature-minded enthusiast.
You've chosen the OB chillum - Now it's time to pick your package!

The Starter Kit [$15.00]
- The Ocean Beach Shell Pipe
- OceanTokes Carry Pouch
- Signature Vial of Authentic San Diego Beach Sand

The Mini Treasure Box [$29.00]
- You get everything in Starter Kit plus:
- The Mini Treasure Chest
- Clamshell
- Organic Beeswax Wick wrapped around a Sea Shell slice
- Lighter
About The Shell:
White-Turritellidae (Deep Sea Augers, True Augers) Shells of this family are shaped like long, slender augers or screws and resemble Terebridae shells. This species occurs in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from the Lofoten Isles south to the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa.
General Size Range is between 2.5" - 3"

All shells are 100% Natural and will vary in Shape, Size and Color. Making each one a truly unique, one of a kind shell pipe.

***NOTICE*** OceanTokes products are intended for tobacco only.

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