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Zeus is the BIGGEST, BADDEST pipe we sell. We guarantee your jaw will drop. This thing deserves it's name and is usually 5-7 inches and weighs close to a pound!

 A well deserved nickname for this magnificent shell.
It is a 100% authentic Terebra Maculata-Marlin Spike seashell and by far the largest of the OceanTokes collection. 

You've chosen Zeus - Now it's time to pick your package!

The Starter Kit [$29.00]
- The Zeus Shell Pipe
- OceanTokes Carry Pouch
- Signature Vial of Authentic San Diego Beach Sand
- Recycled Paper Mache Carrying Box

The Mermaid Package [$39.00]
- Everything in The Starter Kit plus:
- Organic Beeswax Wick on a Seashell Slice
- Poker
- Extra Pipe Screens
- Lighter
- Cigarette Rolling Papers

The Top Shelf Treasure Box [$59.00]
- Everything in Mermaid Package plus:
- The Treasure Chest
- Additional Mystery Shell Chillum
- Clamshell
- Wick-Wrapped Soapstone Buddy
- Aromatic Incense
- Rolling Papers

About The Shell:
Large Terebra Maculata-Marlin Spike Seashells are auger seashells. They're long and slender with tan and brown colors. The members of this family (Terebridae) usually live in coral line sands in the Indo-Pacific region.
General Size Range is between 5" - 7"

All shells are 100% Natural and will vary in Shape, Size and Color. Making each one a truly unique, one of a kind shell pipe.

***NOTICE*** OceanTokes are intended for tobacco products only.

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