The Driftwood

The Driftwood is the largest of our shell chillum collection - sometime as large as our full size pipes - and is a mermaid must-have!

It's truly a beauty; an authentic earth toned Terebra shell hand crafted into a fully functional smoking chillum. This piece rivals glass hand chillums in both durability and smoothness.

You've chosen the Driftwood chillum - Now it's time to pick your package!

The Starter Kit [$17.00]
- The Driftwood, ready to toke
- OceanTokes Piece Pouch
- Signature vial of authentic San Diego beach sand

The Top Shelf Treasure Box [$29.00]
You get everything in Mermaid Package plus:
- The Mini Treasure Chest stash box
- Clamshell stash jar
- Organic hemp wick wrapped around a sea shell slice
- Mini Bic Lighter

Happy Toking!
<3 #OceanTokes

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** What are OceanTokes?
OceanTokes are naturally occurring mollusks harvested from the Indian Ocean. The inner mollusks are consumed by locals and the exoskeletons are discarded and shipped to the US where we hand craft them into naturally beautiful pipes that match your naturally beautiful herbs. For more info go to

** How do they compare to glass?
They are more durable and hit smoother than the glass pipes you are used to, and every single piece is biologically and aesthetically one-of-a-kind.

** What if I don't like it?
Every product is ship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happily lifted by your purchase, message us before leaving a review and we'll make it right.
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Side note:
OceanTokes are for smoking legal substances only. Substances depicted in images are legal herb blends such as kinnickinnick, Uva Ursi and Mullein leaf, sage, and others. :)
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