Our pipes will look beautiful and sell in 100 days or we will buy them back.



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OceanTokes are the culmination of millions of years of evolution

Our product line is based around the most organic smoking experience, and our company is small and honest.





Since our debut in 2014, we've shipped over 20,000 shells and received over 1,300 five star reviews.  We've completed a viral IndieGogo campaign that received over 200% of our funding goal, and we've been featured in sources like The Chill BudLeafly, and Weedist.

We back our products with a satisfaction guarantee, and no customer get's left behind.


OceanTokes start their lives on the sea floor of southest Asia, where locals hand harvest the wild mollusks as a food source. The discarded exoskeletons are shipped to the United States and up-cycled into the most incredible smoking pipes you've ever used.


Each piece is hand crafted through a 5 step process by our amazing team in Austin, TX.  Every shell is biologically unique, and every shell passes our individual inspection.

Our products are as natural as can be, organic whenever possible, and always always always responsibly sourced and manufactured. 

Here's a few of our biggest fans:





Five reasons why you should become a vendor today:

1. We GUARANTEE a return.

If our product don't sell in your store, we will buy them back. This alone should be convincing enough. But if it isn't, here's something else: OceanTokes retail for at least 230% of their wholesale price.

2. Our products POP. 

The absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind OceanTokes display will catch the eye of every customer that walks in the shop.  The natural colors are attention grabbers,  and our included marketing material will seal the deal.

3. OceanTokes GIVES BACK.

A portion of every purchase goes to fund our partner nonprofit, Ocean Lifeline, who is dedicated to educating and awareness of our fragile ocean ecosystem.  In fact, in October 2017 we traveled to Thailand and spent 4 weeks volunteering on a reef rehabilitation program.  A documentary short will be released in Spring 2018.  Your dollars support our artists and employees here in the US as well as the lives of marine animals all over the world.

4.  We SUPPORT our vendors. 

First off, every new vendor gets publicized to our fans and followers across four social media platforms, in an email blast, and listed on our interactive online store locator at OceanTokes.com  We also make frequent check ins with our shops to see how sales are going and offer advice to move products, and give you the cell phone number of the owner of the business - that's me.  Oh, and did I mention we GUARANTEE OceanTokes will sell?

5. Our brand will SET YOUR SHOP APART. 

OceanTokes are unlike anything else you will find in a head shop.  Our shells are naturally harvested from the ocean floor - not made in a furnace.  Each piece is individually hand crafted, packaged, and shipped in the US - nothing is outsourced.  And our entire brand focuses on the most elevated smoking concepts, keeping it as natural as the herbs we all love.




$299 Sampler Pack
Price: $299     msrp: $709     markup: 2.35x



GIFT BOXES & PIPES: 1 Large Treasure Gift Box, 1 Mini Treasure Gift Box, 1 Sea King Treasure Box, 12 Assorted solo shell pipes with pouches

ACCESSORIES, ETC: 12 Hemp Wick Shell Slices,  Hemp Wick Soap Stone Sea Buddies, 12 latching real Clamshell stash jars, 12 Premium Quality Mermaid Logo stickers


GUARANTEE TO SELL: Work with us to design an elegant OceanTokes display in your store and provide your customers with our marketing materials and brand info.  If you haven't made your money back in 100 days we will buy back everything you have left.

DISPLAY DECOR: We include up to 5 unique pieces of stranded ocean coral that can be used as pipe stands or general decor to truly beautify your shops display case. You will also receive at least a dozen OceanTokes information booklets that teach your employees and your customers about our brand and philosophy.

FREE SAMPLES: Experience our products first hand. We also send 1 additional, previously unmentioned sea shell pipe to give to your best employee or keep for yourself.   





Not digging the Sampler Package? Create a custom order from our catalog
Minimum order: $300  Markup: 2-4x






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