Special: $99 Wholesale Starter Package

Special: $99 Wholesale Starter Package

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We just put together 12 of our top selling products, including exclusive display case decorative items, and are wholesaling the package for a limited time.


Your price: $99.  MSRP: $328


In this starter package, you will receive:

- 10 OceanTokes hand carved authentic seashell smoking pipes (msrp: $25 each).

- 1 small Treasure Box gift package featuring an OceanToke pipe and a real clamshell herb jar (msrp: $29)

- 1 large Treasure Box package featuring 2 OceanTokes pipes, hemp wick, pre-rolled cone, doob tube, clamshell herb jar, OceanTokes lighter, and more! (msrp: $49)

- 3 real coral reef display pieces that work perfect as decorative stands for pieces

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