Wholesale: Vendor Sampler

Wholesale: Vendor Sampler

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PRICE: $299     MSRP: $709     MARKUP: 2.35X

This package focuses on the backbone of OceanTokes. It offers an introductory level of Shell Pipes along with a few of our most popular accessories, all at a low cost.

What You Get

1 Large Treasure Gift Box (MSRP $59.00)
1 Mini Treasure Gift Box (MSRP $49.00)
1 Sea King Treasure Box (MSRP $69.00)
12 Assorted Solo Shell Pipes with Pouches (MSRP $29.00/ea)

12 Hemp Wick Wrapped Shell Slices (MSRP $8.00/ea)
3 Hemp Wick Wrapped Soap Stone Sea Buddies (MSRP $8.00/ea)
12 Latching Real Clamshell Stash Jars (MSRP $8.00/ea)
12 Premium Quality Mermaid Logo stickers (MSRP $5.00/ea)

GUARANTEE TO SELL: Work with us to design an elegant OceanTokes display in your store and provide your customers with our marketing materials and brand info. If you haven't made your money back in 90 days we will buy back everything you have left.

DISPLAY DECOR: We include up to 5 unique pieces of stranded ocean coral that can be used as pipe stands or general decor to truly beautify your shops display case. You will also receive at least a dozen OceanTokes information booklets that teach your employees and your customers about our brand and philosophy.

FREE SAMPLES: Experience our products first hand. We also send 1 additional, previously unmentioned sea shell pipe to give to your best employee or keep for yourself.