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6 Etsy Shops with Must-Have Cannabis Designs

Offering whimsical products such as the Phantom Seashell Pipe, the Barnacle Seashell, the Cyclone Seashell, and the Clamshell Herb Holder, OceanTokes blends the earth with the sea for a unique smoking experience.

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8 Awesome Pipes & Stoner Gadgets

Recently funded through Indiegogo, OceanTokes is a start-up that recycles seashells and gives them new life as organic pipes. These pipes are sure to be a hit among the earth-friendly tokers out there.

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Piece of the Week

Here’s something a little different to get you in the mood for Summer sun and ocean air. These all natural seashell pipes are harvested from the Indian Ocean and crafted with care by OceanTokes in southern California.

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My boyfriend knew I loved mermaids so he got me this pipe for my birthday. I've never seen anything like it and now I'm ready to marry him.

Stacy S, San Clemente

Hands down the coolest piece I've ever owned. And I've owned some pretty cool glass...it's just genuinely better than glass.

Alexis B, Tucson

At first I thought these pipes were for girls. But my friend has the Sea King and it's the most badass thing I've ever smoked out of.

Jake R, Fort Worth

Don't take my word for it, just buy one. After two days I ordered two more and I don't think I can stop.

Jessica H, Denver

The piece I got was broken and I was pissed. But Josh apologized and sent me TWO more for free. Gotta love real customer service.

Bara R, Berlin

Are you kissing me? The teasure box has everything I've ever needed. Can it get any cuter!?

Ashlynn P, Palm Beach